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2011 May 22 Sunday

The urgent needs for deliveries by plane having subsided, we have continued to provide supplies to victims of the recent tornados in Alabama by ground transportation.  With thanks to the business Flightline First at New Orlean's Lakefront Airport, we have continued collecting, storing, and organizing donations in their facility.  Thus far, each time we have accumulated enough supplies to need another truck bed to carry it, someone has given us a call or dropped us an email to say that they would be glad to haul a load of supplies up to the distributions centers in Epes or Tuscaloosa!  The Universe is definitely in touch with this need and supply source.  Anyone with more donations they'd like to make may drop us a line or bring them to Flightline First, and we'll continue coordinating their transport for as long as they are needed.  

Special thanks to recent drivers:  Stan Johnson, Flux Rostrum, and Jason Berry.
And to some very generous donors and hard-working volunteers who have helped collect, organize, and coordinate these deliveries:  Rob Coulon of New Orleans, Louisiana; Penny Edwards of Broussard, Louisiana.  Tereson Dupuy, Inventor and CEO of FuzziBunz Diapers LLC in New Iberia, Louisiana;  Ms. Ro Mayer of New Orleans, Louisiana; and Brayton Matthews and his team at Flightline First of New Orleans' Lakefront Airport.  

As of May 22, we have coordinate the ground transportation of four truckloads of supplies to the delivery centers in Tuscaloosa and Epes, Alabama.  We have for the most part answered the specific requests of these delivery centers, but we have also added extras in the way of clothing, especially for babies and children.  Supplies to date have included the following general categories of items:  

  • Tools, hardware, ropes, gloves, and so on.  
  • Children's and baby clothing (especially socks, underwear, shoes and tee shirts)
  • Baby supplies, especially disposable and reusable diapers, foods and formula, and related supplies
  • Nonperishable primary-nutrition (as opposed to empty-calorie snack) food items, ready to eat, with utensils and simple cooking devices 
  • Adult clothing (especially socks, underwear, tee shirts and work clothes)

We have returned to California now, to take care of some animal rescue work on the west coast and between there and the midwest.  We were pained to hear of the recent tornados in Missouri and hope that many more volunteers like us and our friends in the South will be doing what we are not there to do!  And we'll be back in the Gulf by mid-June, finding whales and whale sharks and other marine animals for scientists who are tagging and learning about their health status and migration and continuing to help with the understanding, documentation, and recovery of the Gulf wildlife and coastal ecosystems.  And of course, as always, we'll be helping with rescues of all sorts, never wasting a flight if we can use it to help save lives!