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2011 June

Another crop of hand-raised raccoons have arrived in the forest!  These young spirits were hand-raised by DFG-sponsored volunteers from Huntington Beach, CA, and when it came time to find a home for them, On Wings Of Care was there to help with this joyous event!  

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As always, we chose an area with water and lots of tall trees and dense foliage, for their protection and nourishment.  And an area without much public traffic, but with just enough that the area would not be as likely as more remote places to be frequented regularly by predators such as mountain lions and bobcat, nor an area where hunting by humans occurs.  


It was the usual happy event!  The little guys discovering the stream, and the wonder of fresh-smelling leaves all around, and really big trees to try to climb!  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.