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2012 December 24, Monday
Bayou Corne, Louisiana


 19 weeks after our first flyover August 13 (see those photos and videos here), and we are seeing quite a different situation!
The trees that were just starting to be impacted by a small pool of liquid are no longer visible at all, and the hole itself looks at least twice as large in diameter as it was back in August. But everywhere the water levels seem higher, so it's hard for us to tell whether the dramatic sight change is because the sinkhole has really grown so much larger or everything is covered more by water than it was last August. In any case, it's not a pretty sight, and homes in the vicinity do not look like they'll be homes again anytime soon.  

Check out these paired photos -- the ones on the left were taken last August 13, 2012; the ones on the right were taken today, December 24, 2012, a bit longer than four months later.

























Following are more photos and videos taken today, Christmas Eve 2012, at around 4pm CST.  The GPS coordinates that put us close enough to circle it at about 1000' above ground level and the viewing angle shown here were approximately: N30° 00.015' W 091°08.7'.  We'll let the photos and videos speak for themselves.  Do make a quick comparison yourself with the photos and videos from our flyover August 13.  The changes seem to us to be quite significant.