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2014 April 02, Wednesday
Bayou Corne, Louisiana

We have made several flyovers of Bayou Corne in 2014, but we have not been able to public extensively this year.  This article, though brief, will be the first of many this year, as we hope to be able to spend time again helping our friends monitor marine life, ecosystem and habitat recovery in the wetlands of this beautiful area, and to help human habitat and humans as well.  The sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Louisiana, which we first documented in August of 2012, is one of those tragedies that no "Restore Act" is addressing, or perhaps can address.  Yesterday, a little more of what once seemed to be solid ground disappeared, taking with it more trees, and inching ever closer to storage tanks and other infrastructure.

Here are some highlights of the photos we took on a very quick flight this afternoon. You'll see many changes from what it looked like on our earlier flyovers (see them all under "Special Articles" in the right-hand margin of any page of the website). Take a good look at the southeast corner, the farthest corner from the community.  Also, check out all of the dredging and other work going on in the bayous south of the sinkhole.

Below these photos we'll post a link to today's video, and below that a gallery of additional photos. We are so sorry for this community, and we wonder whether requirements for improved safety standards can ever guarantee that humans won't exercise poor judgment again, and again. We really need to think about how short-sighted we have been, if there is any hope of our protecting this beautiful home of ours for future generations.



Here is today's video:



And here are more photos: