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Rescues are vital, but Protection and Preservation must come first -- of species, habitat, and ecosystems.

On Wings Of Care is not just about last-minute emergency intervention to save lives.  We take a pro-active stance toward preserving and sustaining healthy individuals and ecosystems.  And we sometimes take direct action to protect against harm done to ecosystems by individuals or corporations.  We take action against travesties such as puppy mills, animal hoarders and abusers, wildlife poachers, or those who would illegally destroy natural habitat.   Here are some of the ways in which we work:

• Aerial search and tracking, photo-documentation

• Rescue and rehab work with land and marine animals of all types

• Surveillance, documentation, and sampling by air, land, and sea

• Preparation of educational or news materials for the public

A few of our most recent large-scale activities to protect and preserve lives, habitat, and ecosystems include the Gulf of Mexico, whaling in the Southern Ocean, veterinary efforts in the Galapagos and elsewhere around the world, support of humane and noninvasive methods to sterilize rodents and homeless cats and dogs, and humanitarian efforts for tornado victims in the U.S. and Tibetan refugees in the mountains of northern India.  Many photos and videos of our activities are included here.