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2011 May 06

Not your usual field trip in ecology, but we were determined to find a place somewhere in the Gulf where we could see humane, ecologically sound small, family-run dairy farms.  And we were hoping we might obtain some raw goat's or cow's milk ourselves, since it is not legal in most Gulf states to sell raw dairy products in retail stores.  (That is only legal in a few states of the U.S. -- California, Washington, Nebraska among them.)  We found what we were looking for by going to a helpful website: www.realmilk.com.  There were lots of such farms in Mississippi! We set off for Saucier, MS, which was just a short drive north from the beach of Gulfport, and were not disappointed.  We came home with several gallons of the most delicious fresh raw goat's milk from goats we visited for quite a while -- and whose babies from this year amused us no end.

The farms here are lush with green grass and rolling acreage.  We found them to be clean and well-managed.  The goats had plenty of room, lots of fresh grass, and they looked very healthy and happy.  It was easy to imagine retiring to a place like that someday!