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Rescues -- last-minute interventions to save lives -- 

are inevitable in a world where beings capable of compassion and grief are also capable of acting without regard for or understanding of consequences for themselves and life around them.

In this section titled "Rescues" you'll read about last-minute interventions by On Wings Of Care volunteers to save domestic animals and "pets" of all sorts -- animals who have, by desire or need, given their lives to be emotional companions and friends to human beings.

We also rescue wildlife, and you could say we  also "rescue" wildlife habitat and entire ecosystems such as oceans and lakes, forests and jungles and pristine mountain ranges. These other kinds of rescues are described under the main menu section titled "Preservation."

Please take note of our Rescues in Progress -- the rescues of domestic animals that we are accomplishing currently. We cannot complete fully most of these rescues without your help; if we could, this website would not exist! So if you are of a mind and heart to want to rescue domestic animals in need and just need some guidance as to how you can best be of service, please read about the rescues we're working on now and see if you can help them happen.  Every link in the chain of rescue is critical -- shelter, food, veterinary aid, transport, human contact and socialization, training, fostering, animal evaluation, home evaluation.  Can you help with any of them?  Try it, you'll LOVE it!  

To understand what these rescues are about and what they mean to all involved, read some of our Rescue Tails. They are in chronological order, most recent at the top.  If you want to read about a particular rescue you may have read or heard about, use the Search tool for keywords.

As of December 2011, we are starting an ambitious rescue transport program involving airlines, charter flight companies, and private pilots.  We call it the Lend A Wing Program (it's not just a great idea, it's the L.A.W.!). Not only does this program provide the critical link of efficient transport for adoptable rescue animals who have real homes and real rescues awaiting them, it also provides pilots, charter companies, and airlines a powerful way to save on their flight operating costs and perform an invaluable charitable service.  Read more about the L.A.W. here!  

We'd love to hear from you -- please send us your feedback and suggestions and share with us and our readers your own rescue stories!  And definitely contact us if we can help you accomplish some rescues.  After all, deep down in our hearts, we are all rescuers, and we have all been rescued.