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2011 Aug 03

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We can take no more.  If you all could see the outrageously high number of beautiful, healthy, adoptable, outstanding animals that are being killed every single night in high-kill shelters in California alone, you would think this world has gone insane.  And you might also feel crushed inside, as we do.  We are slowly but surely starting to work behind the scenes to change some of the worst of these high-kill shelters to low-kill and ultimately, we hope, to no-kill shelters.  You can read a series of articles and videos we've started posting on our Facebook site here.  And as we make progress that we can publicize, we'll also post articles on this website. 

(This article also appears under our "Rescues in Progress" tab.)

To our friends who know that killing adoptable animals is not the "kindness" that humans or animals need!