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2011 August 20
Kernville, California 

THIS update on Sheba-Cosette is one our happiest ever! (Click here.) She is doing phenomenally well! Even with all our love and optimism, we would not have dared to predict this kind of improvement with her.  She is hiking now with her brother Bear and human daddy Dave, regularly, happily, superbly, all over the southern Sierras.  Her arthritis has diminished and is kept in check with just baby aspirin.  She has been "wolfing" down her organic grass-fed raw diet with absolutely no junk food or empty calories, and she sleeps like an angel with that huge doting Bear ever near her.  Wait til you see these photos!  Almost enough to put US on that diet -- but not quite, not yet, please... (:-))  Here's a gallery of photos from August 2011. We may have a few more, as WE get to babysit Sheba and Bear in September while Dave is on travel out of the country!  A hard act to follow, but we expect we'll learn a lot.  

Remember when she looked like this?  Well, look at her now
2011-08-06_195253 copy **Cosette-2011may-harbor-shelter-id#a1215338-photo copy