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Maryland to California
2011 July through September 

NEW VIDEO!  A week after the reunion, watch Gunner and Cain and their new canine friend Ginger playing on a California beach with their human family!  Happy Happy!!  Makes all the work of rescue worthwhile for happy endings like this one! 

(SEE UPDATES 20110929 and 20110923 BELOW - One of the happiest reunions ever!  And along the way, another young pair of chihuahuas added at nearly the very last minute -- Abby and Dinozo -- got their ride back to California, too.)

Read the full story of their journey and see videos of the reunion here!


UPDATE 20110929 THURSDAY:  The reunion was everything and more than we could have wished for!  When Cain saw his mom, in the Business Jet Center at Oakland airport, he literally jumped into her arms while Gunner danced around them both.  Happy, happy, happy.  What more to say?  Here are a few still photos, but take a few minutes to watch the videos, and get ready to smile!  Some cell-phone photos of the long day's flight home from New Orleans today are included too.  And for the whole story, including photos of their sojourn from Maryland and their time in New Orleans, read on!  


Read the story of their journey and see videos of the reunion here