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2011 October 11
At home in the Southern Sierra-Nevada 

Then Sheba -- her new name after she went to live with Bear and their daddy Dave in the southern Sierras?

Cosette, June 04, 2011, San Pedro Harbor Animal Shelter (left).  Sheba, early October 2011 (right).

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And Remember Abbey and Dinozo -- the two chihuahuas who flew with Gunner and Cain from New Orleans back to Bakersfield?

Well, miracles never cease.  Abbey and Dinozo had lost their home and were headed back to the rescue in Bakersfield whence they had come two years ago.  We couldn't bear that -- and nor could Bear or Sheba or his daddy Dave.  Now, no promises here, but for the time being, Abbey and Dinozo aren't in any shelter.  They're at home with Bear and Sheba, and having the time of their lives.


Now Bear and Sheba have become quite a bonded couple.  But who would have guessed that Sheba -- Cosette -- had such maternal instincts?  We didn't even think to wonder.  But check out these photos of the happiest family ever! Bear adores his Sheba, and Sheba is glowing more than ever now, from the love of Bear and her enjoyment of the new kids!

Wonders never cease.  And Love never fails.  Enjoy these photos, and read the rest of the saga of Sheba below, from her start with us in early June as one of the most pathetic cases we have ever rescued.  Against all odds, all medical and professional predictions and diagnoses, and all advice we received, and with the help of some huge hearts along the way including Christy her first foster and especially her ultimate adopter Dave, Cosette became Sheba and the healthy, strong, happy canine she was meant to be.  With a great home, a great love, and even some foster kids of her own!  Thanks everyone. Our eyes fill with tears of joy every time we look back at all the photos and then look at these.


What an inspiring saga! Many thanks to all who made this true rescue happen! 

Read Cosette's last update from August and her original story here.