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2011 December 19

We have waited a good while to publish this final chapter in Scarlett's story, though it has been tempting to share this wonderful news for many weeks.  We wanted to be absolutely certain that this happy news was forever. Because those of you who have so kindly followed Scarlett's story probably have hearts like ours, and hers; and to drag you through another disappointing roller coaster would be as bad as it must have been for Scarlett.  But no worries now!  Those disappointing days are over.  Scarlett is part of a forever family who adores her, complete with a gentle older pit bull brother who is delighted to share his home and heart and toys with her.

We flew her to a ranch outside Conroe, Texas in early November, to some people who are dedicated and experienced pit bull rescuers (Spindletop Pit Bull Rescue).  We knew the moment we met Leah and saw her interact with Scarlett that we had brought Scarlett to the right place, a place where she would learn and grow and relax. Leah let Scarlett accompany her frequently during the days and evenings for the first few weeks, doing ranch chores, meeting all of the other animals, constantly observing and being exposed to the predictable, kind, orderly routines.  Scarlett spent time in close proximity to many other dogs in a controlled way, and she leared that her first response need not be a ten-alarm defensive one.

The love that we had shown her cracked open her trusting gentle heart, and life at Spindletop taught Scarlett that she can get along with dogs in general, not just the dogs in our family.  It was just the transition she needed to become adopted into a real family, a permanent home.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged us and helped us help Scarlett!  Before her, we knew very little about pit bulls.  Now, when we see one, we understand better the terrier soul, the sensitive but brave heart, the playful, affectionate spirit, the flexible, sound outlook, the ever curious nose and digger.  They can be taught to fight, but they must be taught to fight.  Then excel even more when they are taught to love.

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