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UPDATE 2011 January 21

Abby & Dinozo came with us up to Washington the weekend of January 7, and these two beautiful spirits were welcomed warmly. No weeks of boarding and wondering for these loved dogs, as our rescue friends' own family members took them immediately! And warm they are, with sweaters that fit for going outdoors and soft beds and laps for them inside.  They were terrific travelers, as always.  Now, two weeks later, we miss their sweet presence but are smiling inside to know that Abby & Dinozo have seen it all, from the balmy humidity of Louisiana to the high desert of the southern Sierra to their final fur-ever home in the Pacific Northwest.  These pups will never lack for love or  memories, and many human hearts will be remembering them fondly for years to come. 

UPDATE 2012 Jan 02 -- Abby and Dinozo are moving to forever homes in Washington!
See details below, with more to come.  We are transporting them there next weekend.
A new video below of Dinozo mixing it up with the big boys, as he and Bear (95-lb long-haired german shepherd) chase Yolo (60-lb yellow lab/shepherd/pit mix) who teases them to chase him.    

2011 September -- December

Abby and Dinozo are brother and sister chihuahuas, almost three years old now.  Orphaned at an early age, they both were rescued by an organization called H.A.L.T. ("Helping Animals Live Tomorrow") in Bakersfield, CA.  These folks found them a lovely home with people who moved to New Orleans, LA.  Abby and Dinozo lived happily with that family until this past September, when multiple family problems made it impossible to continue to care for them.  On Wings Of Care fostered them for a while in New Orleans and then flew them back with us to California. When we learned that H.A.L.T. was going to have to board them until new adopters could be found, OWOC Board Director and volunteer Dave, who lives in the mountains above Bakersfield, offered to foster them.  (Yes, that's the same Dave who has adopted Sheba-Cosette, and who is currently also fostering Yolo!).   

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Abby and Dinozo were perfect guests from the moment we picked them up in New Orleans. Perfectly house-trained, quiet, obedient and responsive, sweet and affectionate.  They had to deal with four large dogs and one small terrier living while with us in New Orleans, and the flight back to California had six dogs in our small plane -- Abby and Dinozo, our own dogs Ford and Tilly, and two other large rescue dogs (Gunner and Cain)In all that time, those small dogs never needed crates or any other kinds of restraint, they "got with the program" in every circumstance. We were not surprised when, after Dave met them, he offered to let them stay at his home and animal sanctuary rather than a boarding kennel until we can find their true forever home for them.  But that is not the ideal permanent home for them.

We would like to see Abby and Dinozo stay together, because after these many years together, they are tightly bonded.  Having each other may be part of what has made them such stable and content dogs.  Abby tends to be the more shy one and rarely barks unless Dinozo does. Dinozo has all the pride and dignity he needs to command and receive the respect of dogs ten times his size, but he is smart enough to make trouble with dogs who would give trouble back. They both are quite social and friendly with people and other animals, and offer no trouble whatsoever to cats, rabbits, birds, or other critters. 

Here are some photos we have so far of Abby and Dinozo, and the pack of dogs they hang out with these days!  Dinozo is the one with the big stand-up ears; Abby's ears tend to fold back. She is just as cute and feminine as can be, and Dinozo is all guy.

We will transport these little gems to wherever they need to go to find the love and companionship they need and have to give to the right humans.  We've had inquiries so far from Canada and the east coast.  But if these dogs tug on your heart strings, and you're a little closer to central California (than Canada or Maryland), please contact us!

UPDATE 2011 January 02
Abby and Dinozo are moving to Washington later this week!
We'll have photos soon of them and their new families and home.
Here's a video taken over the holidays of Dinozo playing chase with his two big foster brothers, Bear (long-haired shepherd) and Yolo (yellow lab/shepherd/pit mix).