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2011 December 31 Saturday

We still love making the short road trip over to Mississippi from New Orleans to visit our favorite farm and play with the goats and chickens and geese and get our dose of the great life. And of course we make sure we buy some fresh goat's milk!  Janet Cooper's farm is so clean, the animals are so healthy and happy and free, even the roosters don't fight with each other! Today she had a mama goat in labor, due any hour. That poor dear looked like she could have four babies inside her huge belly. Janet told us that last year she delivered five, all healthy and good-sized. Oh, my thoughts were with that sweet mom, there's no greater task than that when it's time to give birth. There were also several 'kids' a few weeks old, playful and sociable. And Dumbo (named for his very long ears) is an eight-year-old male. He is still fathering babies, but Janet keeps him away from the younger males, as they are eager to jump on him and let him know he's got some serious competition now.  

Others might prefer shopping or watching sports, but our dogs and we thought this road trip, with a stop at a local wilderness area for a fun walk, were just a great way to close 2011 and prepare for the new year! Enjoy the photos and video.  We did!