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2012 May 11
San Bernardino County, CA

The last "Extremely Urgent" plea came across the internet from our rescuer friends who were busy pulling dogs out of the terribly-high-kill shelter in Devore, San Bernardino County, CA.  Five pups, looked like mixes of australian shepherd and cattle dog.  No mom, and the pups were small, no history, the shelter said they had no information on them.  

I had just landed our single-engine plane on the small Caribbean island of Dominica.  What could I do from there?  Probably nothing, why was I even looking at these emails now?  But my subconscious had something else in mind.  It kept saying "Montie and Sallie!"  They are a wonderful dog-adoring couple who live in a large home on a large forested picturesque lot on the outskirts of beautiful Big Bear City, CA, high in the San Bernardino Mountains.  (Yes, it really IS paradise there!)  They have fostered some rescue dogs for us now and then during the past few years, and they were starting to talk about being ready to adopt another rescue dog or two.  Their own very old golden lab-retriever Lucas was just about ready to pass away, and their sweet old eskimo dog Bob would also enjoy some more company.

So I forwarded that email to them immediately, and back came their answer just as fast.  YES!  They were interested!  Not just interested, they said they would not take just two pups and risk leaving the other three to be euthanized.  They would take all five and raise them until we could find great homes for three of them!  (Do you love these people already or what?)  OWOC stalwart ever-ready volunteers Lori and Dave made all of the arrangements, and Dave drove down to Devore from Kernville and Montie drove down from Big Bear early Sunday morning.  As good fortune would have it, shortly after Montie and Dave arrived, some other folks arrived who wanted to adopt the pups, too.  Dave judged them to be terrific adopters, so Montie took the two little gals who had approached him eagerly at the start, wrapped them inside his jacket, and Daddy's girls were on their way.  Now this was already the stuff of a happy-ever-after perfect doggie rescue.  But there was more to come!
















While Montie had been working the day before and these arrangements were being made, Sallie had been talking with their veterinarian up in Big Bear.  He told her that their office had just been given two senior male golden retrievers, Luke Skywalker and Brewster, who had just lost their human.  It was going to be exceedingly difficult to place these two old dogs at all, let alone to keep them together.  Sallie called Montie and explained that they really should take in these two old boys ... and of course Montie agreed. (I told you would you love these people!)  But yes, he would still drive down to the city and save those pups!  So within 48 hours, their nearly-empty nest became what Montie now laughingly calls an ongoing "Love Fest" at their home.  They say that at times it gets a bit loud when they all get to romping too much, but the good far outweighs the bad.  Even old Bob is smiling bigger than ever!  

This is what dogs and rescues are all about.  No, wait.  This is what LOVE is all about!