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2012 December 31

We don’t know all of you, but we hear there are millions of you, as there are millions of us.  We are all alive, warm, and fed for now because of you. You never even met us, but from hearing about us or seeing a photograph of us, you understood how we felt and knew what we needed, and you found ways to help us or to help others of you who could help us.  For that we appreciate you and admire you all the more.


We cannot begin to understand all the complexities of your lives.  We have no financial or physical resources to offer you, and we cannot even speak or read or write your complicated languages.

But when we are near you, we can read your feelings, and we know what your hearts need.  When we see you, hear you, or think of you, our hearts are filled with love and acceptance and appreciation. If you want our friendship, we will wait for you forever, no matter what, and we will be overjoyed to see you again when you return.

We are the millions of animals whom you’ve rescued and will rescue, and to whom you have brought lives, homes, families, and the friendships with humans that are the crowning joy of our lives.

Thank you for saving us, and for letting us love you.

















Poem from a young rescued dog, circa 2012
(as translated by his rescuers from



I was born as a dog, man's best friend.

Though I know that is not how our stories all end.

My mama was warm, her milk creamy and rich.

I didn’t know it was sad that we lived in a ditch.









One morning she left, mama never came back.

Our lives changed completely, from plenty to lack.

My siblings all vanished, one by one,
Until I was alone, with nowhere to run.

I roamed all the streets to find something to eat.

Milk and warmth were no more, I searched trash bins for meat.





The cars and the noise were a frightening curse,

But the ache in my tummy hurt me much worse.

One day I noticed a tall, quiet man,
Who knelt down and beckoned with food in his hand.

I was feeling too hungry and tired to run,
And his kindness felt warm, like rays from the sun.

The food smelled delicious, but his heart drew me more,
I longed to go with him, from my deep inner core.

So I came to his hand and he lifted me up,
I felt safe and warm, like I had as a pup.


He took me away, to his own family’s den,
where he bathed me and brushed me and fed me no end.

I slept like a puppy, sweet dreams of my mom,
Til he woke me, excited, and called me to come.

There just behind him, what did I see,
He had there beside him my whole family!

My mom and my brothers and sisters all there,
He had found every one, and given us all care!

I learned on that day, and I’ve witnessed since then
Why we dogs give our hearts to be man’s best friend.

It’s because man understands us, deep in his heart.
Despite all of our differences, we are not far apart.

And for all of man’s glory, his brains and his power,
The love that he shows makes his finest hour.

Thanks be to man, a dog’s best friend,
May our love for each other, never, ever end.