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2013 May 06 Monday
Bayou Corne, Louisiana

Today we made our seventh flyover since last August of the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Louisiana. The pool of liquid did not seem too much larger than it appeared to us a month ago (April 2), but the dead and dying trees to the west were more evident. Appreciable amounts of rainbow sheen still cover the north and northeastern parts of the pool. Today the lighting on some ripples near center of the sinkhole gave an unusual foam-like appearance. We also noticed that while there was still much equipment placed all around the hole and especially near the birms and roads still under construction, there appeared to be little or no work in progress. This is consistent with reports of increased microearthquake and other seismic activity in the area during the past few days.

The recent rains have brought much water to the surrounding swampland. The tremendous amount of drilling in the area is more evident now than before, or perhaps we have just learned to recognize it! We flew in a counter-clockwise direction today. The community to the northwest of the sinkhole looked quite deserted. More photos and a video are provided at the bottom of this article.


See the video and many more photos here!