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2013 April 05 Friday (published 2013 May 30)

Thank you all for helping make 2012 a terrifically productive year for us in the areas of  rescuing domestic animals, bringing environmental facts and situations to public awareness, and protecting wildlife and natural habitat worldwide!  Every penny you have donated to On Wings Of Care has been used for actual animal rescue and other field work. Your donations go solely to work we can't do or can’t obtain by trading for work we can do, such as paying for aircraft fuel and repairs, veterinary procedures, and so on. With your financial help and our amazingly passionate all-volunteer staff and friends, we have made good progress this past year in all aspects of our mission:

On Wings Of Care is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife, wild habitat, and natural ecosystems and to the welfare of domestic animals. We specialize in helping with searches, rescues, transports, rehabilitation, research, and public education. We also provide considerable humanitarian aid -- since humans are vital parts of this grand ecosystem, too.

We came from California to the Gulf Coast because of the Deepwater Horizon oil pollution disaster in April of 2010. Our scientific and aviation expertise combined to bring some uniquely effective benefits to the Gulf and her residents. Since 2010, we have flown more than 600 hours over the Gulf of Mexico, finding and documenting the status of wildlife, coastal wetlands, and offshore waters. We have worked with numerous universities, government agencies, environmental groups, and media and have functioned as first responders in many cases of fire, oil spills, gas leaks, even tornadoes and hurricanes. We have made careful records of all sightings of marine life and have compiled a three-year history now used by many scientists, government agencies, and other NGOs who are monitoring and assessing the status of marine life, sargassum, and pollution in the Gulf.  Our flights have produced some of the best-ever aerial photos of whale sharks, sea turtles, and sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico. Many of those photos are documented in a book we published in April 2012 titled The Story of Pellie Lou -- a Pelican who survived the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We treat all proceeds from any sales of Pellie Lou as donations that go 100% toward covering expenses for Gulf of Mexico work to benefit marine life, coastal ecology, and the residents of communities hardest hit by pollution in the Gulf.

Our work for wildlife continues well beyond the Gulf of Mexico. Since 2006, we have worked off the coast of Baja and throughout California. In 2011, we began regular work with humpback, fin, minke, and right whales, sea turtles, and sharks in the Gulf of Maine. There our activities include not just population surveys but active involvement in finding and rescuing whales and turtles who have become entangled in fishing gear.  In the spring of 2012, we flew to Dominica and other islands in the Caribbean to help scientists document populations of whales and sea turtles and to support the development of marine protected areas. The “look from above” we provided was invaluable to them, and the “look from up close” at giant leatherback sea turtles who came quietly in the nights to lay their eggs on the beaches was unforgettably inspiring to us. We were thrilled to be able to help scientists place small GPS satellite transmitters on the backs of these leatherback turtles. The distances and speeds at which those mature (60-80-year-old) seaturtles move is awesome -- one of those females had made it to the North Atlantic by autumn!

In 2012, we developed and implemented several additional capabilities for aerial searches and documentation. Custom modifications to our aircraft included large opening photo-windows all around, and two belly viewer ports useful for cameras and other scientific imaging instruments at visible-and-longer wavelengths. Our extra-long-range fuel tanks and fuel-efficient tuned exhaust systems give us a seven-hour endurance -- a great safety margin for flying extended surveys and searches, especially in areas where fuel and landing areas are scarce. We attracted some new volunteers and equipment, too, not least of which are better cameras and videocameras. We have become more proficient and efficient with the time-taking chores of processing photos, sharing GPS flight tracks, transcribing flight logs, and summarizing them all for the public and for the US Coast Guard and the National Response Center.

Some of the most rewarding work for us is the rescue and relocation of animals in need. We network constantly for candidate adopters and fosters, and we pull savable animals from high-kill shelters or even less fortunate situations who have been overlooked or for some other reasons left with no alternative but death. We give them the care they need and arrange for foster homes until we can transport them to proper new homes.  We work with many different rescue groups and rehab facilities, often providing that last critical link of transport for animals whose rescue was accomplished by others. We also take many rescue animals ourselves “from start to finish” -- from homeless and sick or injured to healthy and ready to go to an adopter we’ve picked or to be released to the wild. All of those cases have been animals passed up by others, often because of their poor condition, age, or other special needs.  Many of these difficult cases have become our most inspiring success stories. Our volunteers and fosters are experienced in the rescue and care of dogs, cats, a variety of small to medium-size wild mammals such as raccoons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, and coyotes, and many species of sea and land birds.

Here is how your and our monies and efforts were used in 2012 by On Wings Of Care:
Our major areas of effort were Domestic Animal Rescue, Gulf of Mexico, and Wildlife-Oceans (other than Gulf of Mexico).  Smaller areas included Wildlife-Land, publication of our book The Story of Pellie Lou, and of course aircraft support and management. Our expenses for 2012 totaled $62,365.  Our income totaled $58,821, of which $23,324 was donations and $35,497 was reimbursement for our cash outlays. Yes, our net “revenue” remains less than zero, but in 2012 we came with $4000 of breaking even! Note that not a dime of OWOC’s income goes to salaries of any sort. We all support ourselves with “day jobs” and we donate our time and skills to the OWOC mission. We love the work, and our lives are full of good work!

Here are graphical breakdowns of the areas of our expenses and income:


Whether you make periodic contributions for specific projects or regular monthly contributions, we keep careful records and can tell you exactly how your donations are used. We keep gifts anonymous when so requested, but when appropriate, we like to cite sponsorship for particular projects on our website and Facebook pages.  Please contact us to see how you can best help this work.

Thanks again, from all of us at On Wings Of Care. You’ve helped make our dreams come true -- to be giving our time and energies to this work. And you’ve also helped save many lives.

Here is a more detailed spreadsheet with a breakdown of our 2012 financials:

On Wings Of Care, Inc.
-- Saving Lives and Habitat --

Registered 501(c)(3 )charity
US# 27-2476681
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Revenue and Expense Summary  for On Wings Of Care, Inc.
for the year ended 2012 December 31
1Note: Expenses here represent only direct cash outlays. Not included are many expenses, including aircraft hangar and some maintenance,  office rent, etc., for which we have traded our services in lieu of cash payment.  Further, no accounting is included for predictable, accruing aircraft operational costs, such as an engine overhaul (which will occur at or before about 500 flight hours from now) and other mandatory equipment servicing or replacement. Preparation for these known future expenses would require setting aside at least $50/flight hour to our operating expenses (this to cover ~$25K for the engine overhaul).  We will have to face the cost of an engine overhaul or replacement for one of our aircraft ("Bessie") in approximately two years. We flew Bessie 270 hours in 2012, of which 109 hours were just GOM work.
Domestic Animal Rescue $20,094 Breakout costs 32.22%
$3,088 AC Rental-DAR
$8,359 AC Fuel-DAR
$1,205 Travel - DAR
$430 Travel -Meals - DAR
$499 Travel -Lodging - DAR
$841 Vehicle-Mx - DAR
$284 Vehicle- Insur - DAR
$1,312 Vehicle-Fuel - DAR
$4,076 Vet, Supplies - DAR
Gulf of Mexico (GOM) $16,712 26.80%
$16,509 AC Fuel - GOM
$19 MGT - GOM
$184 Vehicle Fuel - GOM
Wildlife - Oceans2 $10,535 16.89%
2Expenses for Wildlife-Oceans excludes $6920 in cash outlay for Dominica's work, for which we are expecting reimbursement in 2013. $927 AC Mx
$619 AC - Int'l Flying
$55 Pilot (Fees, Charts)
$7,876 AC Fuel
$100 Mgt
$317 Travel
$392 Travel-Lodging
$249 Travel-meals
(book publication & distribution)
$5,681 9.11%
$3,341 Pellie Lou (printing, shipping)
$2,340 Pellie Lou (Mgt)
AC Support $5,131 8.23%
$4,112 AC Mx & Repair
$173 AC Supplies
$490 Pilot Supplies
$153 AC-Mgt
$203 AC-Veh Fuel
Wildlife - Land $2,590 4.15%
$139 Wildlife-Land - Mgt
$2,451 Wildlife - Land (All)
MGMT $1,622 2.60%
$799 Taxes & fees
$40 Client Mtgs
$783 Office, FAA, Govt,Computing
EXPENSES1 - TOTAL: $62,365 100.00%
Gulf of Mexico (GOM) $2,140 3.64%
Domestic Animal Rescue $6,706 11.40%
Wildlife - Oceans $0 0%
Pellie Lou (book sales) $5,433 9.24%
AC support (for repairs after Hurricane Isaac) $5,100 8.67%
General $3,945 6.71%
DONATIONS - TOTAL: $23,324 39.65%
Gulf of Mexico (GOM) $11,827 20.11%
Domestic Animal Rescue $12,684 21.56%
Wildlife - Oceans $10,986 18.68%
REIMBURSEMENTS - TOTAL: $35,497 60.35%
Gulf of Mexico $13,967 23.74%
Wildlife - Oceans $10,986 18.68%
Domestic Animal Rescue $19,390 32.96%
Pellie Lou - Book Sales $5,433 9.24%
AC Support $5,100 8.67%
General $3,945 6.71%
INCOME - TOTAL: $58,821 100.00%
(Income - Expenses)
ASSETS3 $1,000
3OWOC currently holds no assets other than a stock of 50 copies of our book The Story of Pellie Lou - a Pelican who survived the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which we give away or sell for a modest donation (~$20) that barely covers our printing and shipping costs.
Our aircraft are owned by individuals or companies who donate or rent them for use by OWOC to fulfill OWOC's mission. Our single-engine Cessna "Bessie" is owned by A Look From Above LLC (www.ALookFromAbove.com).
ON WINGS OF CARE 2012 Expenses Income Income-Reimbursements Income-Donations
Domestic Animal Rescue 32.22% $20,094 Domestic Animal Rescue 32.96% $19,390 $12,684 $6,706
Gulf of Mexico 26.80% $16,712 Gulf of Mexico 23.74% $13,967 $11,827 $2,140
Wildlife-Oceans2 16.89% $10,535 Wildlife-Oceans 18.68% $10,986 $10,986 $0
Story of Pellie Lou 9.11% $5,681 Story of Pellie Lou 9.24% $5,433 $0 $5,433
Aircraft Support 8.23% $5,131 Aircraft Support 8.67% $5,100 $0 $5,100
Wildlife-Land 4.15% $2,590 Wildlife-Land 0.00% $0 $0 $0
Management 2.60% $1,622 Management 0.00% $0 $0 $0
General 0.00% $0 General 6.71% $3,945 $0 $3,945
Total 100.00% $62,365 Total 100.00% $58,821 $35,497 $23,324
2Expenses forWildlife-Oceans excludes an additional $6920 in commute costs for Dominica work, for which we are expecting reimbursement in 2013.
ON WINGS OF CARE 2012 Expenses
Domestic Animal Rescue 32.22% $20,094
Gulf of Mexico 26.80% $16,712
Wildlife-Oceans2 16.89% $10,535
Story of Pellie Lou 9.11% $5,681
Aircraft Support 8.23% $5,131
Wildlife-Land 4.15% $2,590
Management 2.60% $1,622
General 0.00% $0
Total 100.00% $62,365
2012 OWOC Expenses & Income
EXPENSES INCOME I-E (Net Revenue) Income-Reimbursements Income-Donations
Domestic Animal Rescue $20,094 $19,390 -$704 Domestic Animal Rescue $12,684 $6,706
Gulf of Mexico $16,712 $13,967 -$2,745 Gulf of Mexico $11,827 $2,140
Wildlife-Oceans $10,535 $10,986 $451 Wildlife-Oceans $10,986 $0
Story of Pellie Lou $5,681 $5,433 -$248 Story of Pellie Lou $0 $5,433
Aircraft Support $5,131 $5,100 -$31 Aircraft Support $0 $5,100
Wildlife-Land $2,590 $0 -$2,590 Wildlife-Land $0 $0
Management $1,622 $0 -$1,622 Management $0 $0
General $0 $3,945 $3,945 General $0 $3,945
TOTAL $62,365 $58,821 -$3,544 TOTAL $35,497 $23,324