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2013 September 26, Thursday
Bayou Corne, Louisiana

Our 13th flyover of the Bayou Corne sinkhole since August 13, 2012, now 13 months after the first photos we brought to the public eye. We didn't see as much rainbow sheen on the surface of the sinkhole today, and it doesn't look any larger than it did a month ago. Wish we could think of something else non-negative to say about this tragic situation. But the proximity of the bayous and the community to the northwest that has been destroyed make that impossible.

In today's article, you'll see not just photos and video from today, but also a progression of photos starting from August of 2013 through late July of this year.  

Photos and videos from all of our previous flights can all be found in the right-hand margin of any page of this website, under "Special Articles", or under the main menu item "Preservation" and under that "Humanitarian."

See all the photos and video in the full article here!