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20140411 Friday
Barrier Islands Tour, Gulf Coast

Today was a long day of flying over the Gulf of Mexico! But good weather windows like this are hard to miss, and we also had some very special people who had been waiting for a chance to get their first look at some of the Barrier Islands off the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana. Of special interest to them also was some dredging going on toward th east end of coastal Mississippi, around Round Island and Singing River Island.  On the flight we caught a brief glimpse of Ship Island and also gave them a quick tour of the Chandeleurs. South of the Chandeleurs we were treated to the site of a pod of more than 10 dolphins, including a couple of juveniles.  

Here are some of our favorite photos, thanks to Terese Collins and Vernon Asper.  These are followed by a few Google Earth maps showing where all of these islands are, and more photos are in the galleries below.  Enjoy!