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2014 August 13 Wednesday
Ewing Bank area, Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana

Oh What a Day!!

Within ten miles of where we have seen groups of whale sharks in the past, today we found the largest aggregation reported in this area of the Gulf of Mexico since June of 2010!  We counted at least 57 whale sharks, all surface feeding together within about one square mile. Some looked to be 35-40 ft long, a few only 20-25 ft long. We had no boat with us today, so we can’t know the distribution of gender or maturity among them, unless scientists can make inferences from our high-resolution photos (of which we have many!).  What matters most to us is to realize that these gentle giant plankton feeders are still coming to the Gulf, and in numbers that seem to be growing. We can’t wait for the day we see hundreds gathered again, as had been found in 2010 and earlier.

We have a ton of photos to share with you from this momentous day. A separate article for today’s flight will be posted later, showing you all of the other animals and sights we saw today.  But in consideration of International Whale Shark Day on August 30, this article is dedicated to whale sharks alone!

Our greatest thanks goes to our On Wings Of Care volunteers and supporters who make it possible for us to share all of this with you, which we do in the deepest hope that you will join us in doing all you can to protect and preserve the Gulf of Mexico and all of her wildlife, and all marine life worldwide.


Read more and see all the photos and video here!